The best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina to enjoy the summer in Brazil

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Woman getting out of the water on a beach in Brazil.
Santa Catarina is a Summer Paradise!

The coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil, is a dream destination, no doubt about it! But finding the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina can be quite challenging, especially in the summer. Without proper guidance, it’s easy to end up lost in a sea of options or overlook some of the most incredible finds.

With idyllic beaches, exuberant nature, beautiful and charismatic people, this south region is the perfect place to enjoy summer in Brazil. As a matter of fact, it’s also great in the winter, spring, autumn… Truth is that no matter the season, traveling to Santa Catarina is a wonder, and it gets even better with the right accommodation.

Whether you’re looking for a secluded cabin, an apartment in Itapema with a sea view, a big house to enjoy a trendy beach with friends, or if you don’t even know what you want yet… In this ultimate guide to the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina, you are sure to find the perfect option for your Brazilian holiday.

Below you will find the best accommodation in Brazil for summer with links to Airbnb and also Some properties are available on both platforms, so you can compare the prices and book the one that suits you best.

Luxury Airbnbs in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Photo of a luxurious apartment for rent in Itapema. It's one of the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina.
Can we stay here FOREVER?!

After staying home for so long, perhaps all you want on your next vacation is to treat yourself to some days in paradise. Disconnect and reconnect in an exquisite place, put your feet up and have a drink, while watching the ocean through the window, and having some deliciously fresh seafood. If this is your case, or if you are in a larger group, these elegant Airbnbs in Brazil will fit like a (fancy) glove!

Modern apartment with sea view 📍 Airbnb in Itapema, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 800/night, 2-night minimum.

Apartment with sea view in Itapema for rent. It's the perfect place to stay for the summer, one of our choices for the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina.
With this view, it’s for sure one of the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina!

Facing the lovely Praia Central you find this awesome apartment in Itapema – a city that has become a favorite destination of celebrities like Neymar. Fully equipped, with contemporary decor and lighting, it has 2 suites and space for up to 6 guests. Wonderful mixer showers, balcony with barbecue grill, Nespresso machine, retro video game, washer & dryer and water purifier are some of the extras.

Alvorada Mountain 📍 Airbnb in Praia Grande, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 575/night, 2-night minimum.

Despite its name (since praia translates to beach), Praia Grande is not located on the coast, but in the canyons of Santa Catarina. Still, this Airbnb can be a unique option to spend a romantic summer in the mountains near waterfalls. The super cute chalet is pet-friendly, has a jacuzzi and even a telescope. The hosts also offer balloon rides, quad bikes, hiking trails and horseback riding.

– Private beach – Duplex House 📍 Airbnbs in Governador Celso Ramos, SC

Private beach property 

– Unique exceptional private beach property 

💲 Book your stay from BRL 250 per night/guest, 2-night minimum.

In addition to a brilliant career (being CEO of Waterdiam), host Anthony owns three of Santa Catarina’s most coveted properties on Airbnb. With a privileged location in a natural park on the shores of a private beach, these houses certainly are an invitation to peaceful days in paradise. They accommodate 4 to 8 people.

– Feet in the sand!! 4 large suites 📍Airbnb in Mar Grosso, Laguna, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 1350/night, 2-night minimum.

Huge apartment (1 per floor!), with all the amenities, for up to 8 people. Located in a prime area of Laguna, it has superior finishing, balcony with barbecue and sea views.

Woman in a viewpoint in Florianópolis, Brazil. You can see the Lagoa da Conceição at the back. It's one of the best places to stay in Florianópolis.
Florianópolis is magical! 💚

The best Airbnbs in Florianópolis, Brazil

World famous “Floripa” doesn’t require big introductions. Santa Catarina capital city offers a unique mix of beach and urban vibes, harboring all attributes for an unforgettable trip. And of course there are several Airbnbs in Florianópolis that are spectacular, for all tastes and budgets.

If you traveling to Floripa, read our guide to an amazing day in Florianópolis.

– Cottage, 10-night minimum

– Floripa cabin, 10-night minimum

– Gaudi cabin, surrounded by nature, 7-night minimum

💲 Book your stay from BRL 60 per night/guest.

Artist Jaime’s cottage and cabins are architectural masterpieces. Fully integrated with nature, these accommodations overlook Praia Brava’s hill and the north of the Magic Island (how Florianópolis is also known). Both cabins are pet friendly.

– Couple Getaway Private Chalet 

Gothic House

💲 Book your stay from BRL 98/night, 2-night minimum.

Professional surfer Marco Polo rents these lovely chalets in Florianópolis amidst trees and natural vegetation. Comfort and peace at super affordable values. They are close to Praia Mole (a surfers’ favorite), Praia da Joaquina and Lagoa da Conceição.

– Wooden House in Vila Rosemary, best view!, 2-night minimum

– Rustic house in nature near the sea, 3-night minimum

💲 Book your stay from BRL 150/night (the rate increases up from the 3rd guest).

Vila Rosemary rustic houses are located in Barra da Lagoa. They have panoramic views of the beach and access to mountain trails. Inside, lovingly designed details complement the experience. Pets are allowed upon prior contact.

Stylish Loft with Stunning Lagoon/Sea View

💲 Book your stay from BRL 250/night, 3-night minimum.

An impressive loft surrounded by nature on the slope of Lagoa da Conceição. It’s in the Airbnb Plus program of accommodations recognized for their high quality. A haven decorated with a fabulous view to elevate any couple’s energy in the heart of the island.

– Pool-House at Casarão das Palmeiras 

– Enchanted Creek Forest Chalet

💲 Book your stay from BRL 400/night (rates increase up from the 3rd guest), 3-night minimum.

If you want to vacay very close to water, these accommodations from biologist Lérida can be a good idea. From the pool house to the chalet with jacuzzi, the properties are well located, in Canto dos Araçás and Lagoa da Conceição, surrounded by nature. Both allow pets.

– The BirdHouse in Mole 

💲 Book your stay from BRL 590/night.

This spacious and colorful home accommodates 4 people in a unique tropical paradise on the island. It has a deck for sunbathing and panoramic views. Considered by many guests a magical place, BirdHouse is located on a small hill in Lagoa da Conceição. It is a 5-minute walk from Praia Mole.

Photo of a tropical beach in Santa Catarina, Brazil. You can see the emerald green sea and the lush green vegetation by the beach.
Santa Catarina is a state full of natural wonders.

Airbnbs in Santa Catarina to go whale-watching

The southern coast of Santa Catarina has a roots vibe and is well known for its natural beauty – which includes the whale mothers that visit every year to enjoy this glorious nursery. Whale-watching takes place from July to November, but the charms of this region last all year. Naturally, there are lots of incredible Airbnbs to spend the summer there.

– Wonderful studio with air conditioning 📍 Airbnbs in Praia do Rosa, SC

– Beautiful and complete cabin with a/c

💲 Book your stay from BRL 150/night, 4-night minimum.

The ElCa couple has seven other B&Bs in Rosa, but this studio and cabin are especially cute and cozy. The cabin accommodates up to 4 guests, has a trampoline and a children’s playhouse on the property. The studio has an area with a barbecue and wood oven.

– Studio by the sea 📍 Airbnbs in Barra da Ibiraquera, Imbituba, SC

– Villa Sayuri 1 – Oceanfront

Casa Thai next to the beach

💲 Book your stay from BRL 200/night, 2-night minimum.

Mevlana Garden Inn studios and houses have the Responsible Tourism seal for cleaning practices. The selected options accommodate 2 to 8 people, with access to the beach and beautiful surroundings. In addition to being pet friendly, the Inn has a game room and offers kayaks/stand up, meditation, spa, bistro and pizzeria.

Ombak Bagus Surf Villa – Barra de Ibiraquera 📍 Airbnb in Imbituba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 230/night (rate increases up from the 3rd guest), 2-night minimum.

Stylish bungalow comfortably equipped, with easy access to the beach. Mixer shower, electric fireplace, outdoor grill and hot tub complete the amenities. An overall feel good experience.

Cool House 📍 Airbnb in Imbituba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 430/night (rate increases up from the 4th guest), 2-night minimum.

The name doesn’t do justice to this accommodation that is definitely one of the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina for the summer. A sophisticated and creative architectural project, with breathtaking views. It is close to the Dunas da Ribanceira, the peaceful Ibiraquera and the popular Praia do Rosa. Accommodates up to 4 guests and allows animals. There is no TV, but from the window you can see whales!

– Studio Gea Front Sea – Barra da Ibiraquera 📍 Airbnb in Imbituba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 500/night (rate increases up from the 3rd guest), 2-night minimum.

Glass windows with 360º view of the dunes, Ibiraquera’s lagoon and the sea (which you can see even from the bathtub!). Accommodates up to 3 guests and accepts pets. It has a private balcony and an outdoor patio with space for a fire pit and a path to the beach.

– Loft in a condominium with beautiful view of the Lagoon 📍 Airbnb in Garopaba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 500/night, 2-night minimum.

A private loft in a gated community. It is located on the top of the mountain next to the Atlantic Forest, close to Praia da Silveira, Praia da Ferrugem and Garopaba. A tastefully equipped accommodation to live special moments with your loved one. The deck is perfect for watching the sunset.

– Glass house with beautiful view on Ferrugem Hill 📍 Airbnbs in Garopaba, SC

Pontal do Galo – House from above

💲 Book your stay from BRL 750/night, 2-night minimum.

The lawyer and photographer Heloísa rents two jaw-dropping properties in Praia da Ferrugem. With charming furniture, glass walls that let the natural light in, balconies with barbecue facilities and large decks with a cinematographic view of Lagoa da Encantada. The house upstairs also has a heated jacuzzi. Both accommodate 4 guests and allow animals.

Wonderful house facing the sea 📍 Airbnb in Garopaba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 5500/night, 4-night minimum.

Accommodating up to 14 guests, Silveira Beach House is a mansion worthy of a magazine cover. It has an infinity pool, jacuzzi, gym, sauna, fireplace, wood stove, exclusive access to the beach and an organic garden. A high-level structure to live royal days in Brazil with friends and family.

Experience Santa Catarina, Brazil!

Photo of Itapema Beach, a hotspot for summer in Brazil. It's packed with hotels and good options for Airbnbs in Santa Catarina.
Itapema Beach is one of the famous spots for Summer in Brazil.

With so many amazing options to choose from, it’s hard to resist that voice telling you to pack your bags and throw yourself to Santa Catarina beaches, right? Now that you know the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina for the summer (or any time of the year really), you may decide your destination based on the accommodation that shook your heart the most. ❤️😎🏖️

We hope we have helped you to transform your Brazilian travel dream into your next holiday. And when you make your reservation, don’t forget to say that you got there thanks to Love and Road tips. If you loved this post or have any questions, leave a comment below. Bon Voyage!

For more tips on how to find and book the perfect place to stay for your next trip, have a look at our Accommodation Guide here.

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The ultimate guide to the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina, Brazil. We listed the most beautiful, luxurious, and unique accommodation on Airbnb on the best beaches in Santa Catarina. This Southern Brazilian state is famous for its nature, great food, and European heritage, an exciting destination still unknown from mass tourism.

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