Camping and Driving in Costa Rica » the ultimate adventure

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Driving and Camping in Costa Rica! Be close to nature, surf the best waves and have an unforgettable trip!

There are two things that would make us go back to South and Central America:

1º » Visit our family!

2º » Travel in Costa Rica with a 4×4 car, camping along the way, surfing perfect waves, fishing our own dinner and exploring the amazing nature. Driving in Costa Rica and have the freedom to explore this stunning country.

Camping and driving in Costa Rica is the ultimate adventure trip. Costa Rica is famous for natural parks, beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, and surf… So, we decided that it’s time to travel to Costa Rica and have the best road & surf trip ever.

Driving in Costa Rica you can explore the country, see the mountains and natural parks.

We choose Nomad America as our partner for this adventure in Costa Rica because these guys are serious about travel, safety, road trips and fun! They know that camping and driving in Costa Rica is a dream trip for many people, so they do their best to make the dream come true. 

Before we started planning this road trip in Costa Rica, I had many doubts. I questioned myself if this trip was right for me? What do in Costa Rica by car? I have never rented a 4×4 car, how does it work? How am I gonna camping there? Will we be safe driving in Costa Rica? The costs for this trip might be huge! I don’t have a surfboard… OMG!! I really want to go on this adventure road trip to Costa Rica, but I wasn’t sure…

So if you have the same doubts and fears, don´t panic!! We gonna explain everything, and how awesome is to travel and drive in Costa Rica!

What is so exciting about Camping & Driving in Costa Rica?

You have the freedom to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Nomad America will provide you with a 4×4 car rental to drive around Costa Rica during the trip,  it is up to you: 3, 7, 20 days… And this is not an ordinary 4×4 rental car, you will get a fully equipped vehicle with a camping tent, cooking utensils, portable shower, batteries, a local cell phone, maps and many other extras like surfboards [for an ultimate surf trip in Costa Rica], snorkeling gear, fishing equipment, and professional travel advice. 

Camping and driving in Costa Rica is the ultimate adventure trip!

The best part is that depending on the size of the car you choose you can take up to 4 people with you! A true adventure trip is only real if you can share it with your family and friends. Sounds like a good holiday plan?? So check the price and types of packages at Nomad America, but first finish reading this whole post, follow our recommendation and plan wisely your road trip in Costa Rica.

What is not included in the package offered by Nomad America? It´s not included in your flights to Costa Rica and your meals… If I were you, I would also start checking for flight deals right now, just to be sure that you have everything planned ahead. 

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Driving in Costa Rica you will have the freedom to choose where to you want to sleep, where do you go and have an amazing time!

Why would you go for a road trip in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is the ultimate paradise for people who like nature, adventure and surf. The country is famous for its mountains, stunning coasts [Pacific & Caribbean coasts], for the volcanoes and preserved areas. It’s estimated that 5% of the world’s biodiversity is found there! 25% of Costa Rica is protected, with more the 20 national parks, 11 forests, and many conservation areas.

Costa Rica is famous for the wildlife and protect national parks. Driving in Costa Rica you can see many animals and amazing flora.

To see all this beauty you need to drive! That´s why you need a go to Costa Rica on a road trip. Because if you stay only in one or two cities, you probably won’t see 5% of the wonderful things the country has. Plus, on a road trip around Costa Rica you can combine multiple activities:

  • Surfing in Costa Rica, the Pacific coast is famous for perfect waves
  • Fishing in Costa Rica. Rivers, ocean, lakes… you choose where you gonna catch your dinner.
  • Discover the beauty of the famous Osa Peninsula for snorkeling & diving in Costa Rica.
  • Be prepared for ziplines, trekking, caving and many extreme sports in Costa Rica. 

Driving in Costa Rica you will be able to explore the whole country. For a good and comfy trip you need a 4X4 rental car!

Why do you need to rent a  4X4 car in Costa Rica?

Plan a trip to this gorgeous country can be challenging. You have to think about how to get around, how to travel inside the country without being trapped by endless bus rides. The answer to these planning questions is simple: travel in Costa Rica with a 4×4 rental car. Of course, not a simple one, you need an adventure 4X4 rental car, ready to explore dirty roads and go where your dreams and maps can take you.

If you only stay in the cities, a normal family urban rental car will be enough. However, if you are looking for an ultimate adventure trip in Costa Rica with muddy roads, river crossing, and challenging mountains, then a 4×4 rental car is what you need.

Camping by the beach, the best way to enjoy and explore Costa Rica. Driving in Costa Rica is the ultimate trip adventure!


Why Camping in Costa Rica?

Camping in Costa Rica means Freedom! With a tent on the roof of your car, you can sleep anywhere in the country. No need for booking hotels, hostels, you can even change your itinerary at the last minute. Your car is your house, and it goes everywhere with you! The natural parks are perfect for camping, you will be safe, with bathroom facilities and surrounded by nature and wildlife! For early morning surf nothing better than spending the night by the sea. Nomad America has a list of all the best places to camping in Costa Rica.

Don’t be scared, the idea of camping in Costa Rica is nothing like Bear Grylls survive tv show. You will have top-notch gears to enjoy camping in a modern and comfy way [this is Nat talking, and my horrible fear of nasty bugs]. Plus all the cooking utensils to have breakfast, lunch and dinner on the go. When I say freedom, I mean true freedom. Does it sound like your type of trip? For us sounds like the perfect adventure holiday in Costa Rica!

Why Cooking? Don´t they have good food in Costa Rica?

Don’t be silly, they have delicious food in Costa Rica, and you must try them all. But as you will be on a road trip it´s easy and smart to have some food and drinks with you. That’s why the kitchen and utensils are so handy and important. If you decide to camp on a rainforest or have lunch by a volcano, you can! Also, if you are on a budget trip, or you have picky friends that only eat bread and sausage, you will be covered!

Driving in Costa Rica you can see the sunrise on the Caribbean Cost and the sunset on the Pacific Cost


Where to go in Costa Rica?

We could write two or three posts about where to go in Costa Rica, places to visit and tops attractions. The country is famous for the beaches and parks and you will have a 4×4 car to drive around Costa Rica, so itinerary will not be an issue. Here is a list of where you can go, just a small idea of what Costa Rica is famous for. Top 10 destinations in Costa Rica to sparkle your wanderlust:

Puerto Viejo Cahuita
Torteguero Corcovado National Park
Arenal Volcano Manuel Antonio
Monteverde Mal Pais – Santa Teresa
Tamarindo Rincon de la Vieja

You need a strong and fully equipped 4x4 rental car for driving in Costa Rica, so you can explore the countryside.


Driving in Costa Rica, is it safe? Can I do it?

Driving in Costa Rica is safe! You will be driving in a different country with a different language, so you must drive carefully and pay attention to the road signage. Also, you have to keep in mind that it´s a developing country and many of the common laws and rules you have in Europe, USA, and even in Brazil won´t work in Costa Rica.

The two biggest issues are: big cities with heavy traffic and motorbikes and the bad condition of the countryside roads. But with Nomad America 4×4 rental cars you will be driving with safe and efficient vehicles, plus full insurance. We have driven in South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, I’m pretty sure Costa Rica is not the worst place to drive. [that´ Rob talking after driving in Thailand and Vietnam]

Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license and you must be over 18, otherwise, you can’t drive in Costa Rica! For this adventure trip in Costa Rica, we recommend you to have reliable travel insurance, so you can do all the sports, surf and drive in Costa Rica without being worried. We use World Nomads and we never had a problem with them, for more info read our travel insurance guide here.

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The Ultimate Adventure Trip in Costa Rica! All the tips to Drive, Camp and Surf in Costa Rica! Best way to rent a 4x4 and top places to visit and camp.

Now you know how to plan an awesome road trip in Costa Rica, all the details about camping, how to rent a 4×4 car and driving in Costa Rica. The best options and the company you need to choose when traveling there. Go and enjoy it!! #PuraVida

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