First trip to Istanbul? Here is all you need to know!

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The iconic views from Istanbul famous mosques.

Planning your first trip to Istanbul? How exciting! After two months living in the Turkish cultural capital, I have knowledge enough to give all the tips you need to organize your holiday to Istanbul, Turkey. This is one of my favorite destinations, we already have been there four times, and every year that I put my feet there, feels like it´s my first time in Istanbul.

Istanbul is a dream destination, it’s located on the edge of Europe where east meets west. Connecting the two continents, the city hides layers of history, culture, colors, and scents. The architecture, the food, everything in Istanbul tells a story. The city is busy, fast, never stops, but when you need a break from all this fervid life there is always a nice garden, a small tea house or a mosque where you can seat, breathe and relax.

First trip to Istanbul? Here is all you need to know!

Many people have the idea that Turkey is not a friendly country due to the Muslim religion and culture. But the truth is: when you leave the prejudice behind you will be enchanted by the beauty of Turkey and its people. The more you discover the city the more you will fall in love with Istanbul.

Galata Tower in the back and the delicious Turkey street food.

For your first trip to Istanbul, I would recommend at least five days, so you can have a taste of the ancient city and also enjoy the modern side of Istanbul. Although if you want to explore the big cities and the countryside, I´d say you should book 10 days or a 2-week Turkey itinerary. On our last trip to Turkey, we spent 60 days around the country and we didn’t have time to enjoy everything.

Istanbul is huge, in 2019 there were 15 million people living there. The city is as big as any other European capital, however, Turkey is a cheap destination if you compare it with other countries. With good travel planning, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your first trip to Istanbul without emptying your pocket. Sounds good, isn’t it?

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Grand bazaar is one of Istanbul's top attractions.

» Arriving and departing from Istanbul, Turkey

You can travel to Istanbul by bus, train, boat or flight, the best option will depend on where you are coming from. All the major budget airlines fly to Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Airport, Turkish Airlines has good connections from all around the world. Also, check the flight fares on Skyscanner or

If you are searching for some unique experience you can travel to Istanbul by train. The famous Orient Express Route doesn’t operate anymore, however, you can use EURAIL PASS to get there from Europe and travel around Turkey by train.

» Visa and immigration formalities for your first trip to Istanbul 

As you are traveling to a different country you always have to do good research about visas and the documents you will need to cross the border. Last year the Turkish government changed their visa policies, now many tourists that in the past had to apply for the visa at the Turkish Embassy can do it online in a really simple way. On the Turkish Visa Information website, you can check all the rules, the fees, and how to get your visa on arrival. 

To organize all your documents follow our list of  7 Essential Tips Before Travelling, I’m sure you don’t want to ruin your first trip to Istanbul just because of some visa or document misunderstanding. 

Galata Tower a must visit place for your first trip in Istanbul

» Where to stay in Istanbul on your first visit

Istanbul has over 4 thousand hotels, hostels, guest houses, and flats. From cheap accommodation to really pricey tags. Definitely, you will be overwhelmed by the number of places to stay in Istanbul the variety of prices and services offered. 

There are many helpful sites like First Choice that can make your life easy while booking a luxurious room or a budget hotel in Istanbul. Sometimes you can find affordable holiday packages to Istanbul, including flights and accommodation.

Some of the areas that are nice to stay in Istanbul are: Sultanahmet, Beyoglu, and Taksim. All of them are surrounded by restaurants, street food and are a safe place to stay.

  • Hotels in Sultanahmet that we recommend:

Green Life Apart Hotel

Hotel Seraglio

Ada Hotel Istanbul

  • Hotels in Beyoglu that we recommend:

Georges Hotel Galata

Pera Palace Hotel

Next House Pera Hotel

  • Best hotels in Taksim that we recommend:

Ayramin Hotel Taksim

Nuru Ziya Suites

Rooms Inn Taxim

Check our guide to the best areas to stay in Istanbul


The many incredible souvenirs you will find in Istanbul's bazaars.

» What to do in Istanbul

Istanbul is plenty of tourist attractions, from ancient ruins, palaces, worldwide famous mosques, narghile bars, and endless shops inside the Grand Bazaar. So many things to do and see that you will need time and energy to visit it all. To help you to organize your first trip to Istanbul here goes a list of some places you should not miss.

All the details about the attractions and what to do in Istanbul you can find on the blog posts below: 

Crossing the Bosphorus is a unique thing to do in Istanbul, Turkey.

» How to get around Istanbul

As soon as you arrive in the city buy an Istanbul Card in one of the automatic machines. This card is accepted in all public transports even on boats. Cheaper than the single journey ticket (jeton), you can top up the card with any amount of money you want.

If are staying more than 3 days and planning to visit many attractions, then buying the Istanbul Welcome Card might be a good option as it includes public transportation and entrance to 12 attractions (skip the line benefit) for 7 days. 

Most of the places and tourist attractions in Istanbul can be reached by public transport, especially by tram, metro, boats, and funicular (buses can be a bit complicated to use there). But I would suggest you walk as much as possible. Istanbul is an amazing city, with great architecture and hidden places. Exploring the city on foot is a unique opportunity to meet locals and enjoy the real Turkish feeling.

If you need to use a Taxi, make sure the meter is on and don’t accept flat rates to go to the tourists’ attractions. For sure they will charge you far more than it’s worth. From Istanbul Airport, you can reach the city using public transportation. Bus shuttle to/from both airports to the city center are offered by Havaist.

For booking private transfers to/from Sabiha Airport and Istanbul Airport to/from your hotel I recommend using the services offered by GetYourGuide. Click here for Sabiha Airport and here for Istanbul Airport.


Kebab anyone?!

» Eating & drinking in Istanbul

Welcome to the paradise of food, sweets, and teas. The streets of Istanbul are packed with kebab stalls, cozy restaurants, teas, and coffee shops. There are so many flavors, spices, ingredients that Turkish food would deserve one entire and delicious blog post.

One thing you have to keep in mind is: Try Everything!! Food is not expensive in Turkey, even in a nice restaurant in Istanbul you would not pay a fortune for a good meal. Local dinners can be found around Taksim Square and at Istiklal Street. Go to the Turkish buffet restaurants to see and try different dishes. As for dessert, the traditional baklava with ice cream or some Turkish delights are a must. 

Consider joining a food tour where you can taste and learn about the delicious Turkish food.

Turkish delights my favorite food in Istanbul.

» Best time to visit Istanbul

Istanbul is beautiful and worth the visit any time of the year, but as the season changes the number of tourists in the city also varies. Spring and the beginning of summer are my favorite times to be in there. I would definitely recommend you to do your first trip to Istanbul during May and June.

In summertime be prepared for hot (really hot) temperatures, long days and amazing boat tours. When winter arrives it´s pretty cold and windy, but maybe you can be lucky enough to see some snow around there. And when it´s snowing Istanbul looks like a magical place. This year was the first time we got cold weather in Turkey (we were there in September and October), but we didn’t stay longer to wait for the snow season.


» What to avoid in Istanbul

For a big city, Istanbul is quite safe. Maybe you can be surprised by the number of people begging on the streets, but most of the time they will not cause any harm to you. Because of the conflicts in the Middle East, many refugees are living on Istanbul’s street.

There is an area around Tarlabasi Street, close to Taksim Square,  that is known for being a place of drug dealers, prostitutes, and danger. So please avoid that to go there especially during the nighttime.

As we are a foreigner in a Muslim country, we should respect their traditions and habits. When you are enjoying the city there is no need to cover yourself or be worried about your clothes. However when you visit the mosques and religious sites please wear long skirts or trousers, also remember to cover your shoulders and chest.

A nice scarf is always a good option to cover your head inside the mosques and to protect you from the sun and the heat. And girls, we know that a nice scarf or pashmina will turn any simple look into a stylish outfit.

10 First trip to istanbul

Now that you know everything about traveling to Istanbul for the first time, start planning your holiday and enjoy this incredible city. 

Are you planning your first trip to Istanbul? There is any other information you need to organize your holiday around there?

99 thoughts on “First trip to Istanbul? Here is all you need to know!”

  1. Sadly people have created that perception that Muslim = dangerous and therefore attach stigma to many of the worlds most beautiful countries and their people.

    Can’t wait to get to Turkey & Iran in the new year! 🙂

  2. Great guide. I would also recommend sticking to the coast where the nice people are. As you travel further away from the sea, you will see the ugly face of Istanbul and Islamic conservatism.

    A common mistake though: Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey. Ankara is.

  3. Ooh, Istanbul looks SO cool! So far, my travels have focused in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe–but I need to expand my horizons, and Istanbul has now been bumped to the top of my must-travel list. Pinning this for a future trip! 🙂

    • Hi Natalie,
      It`s an amazing city! So let`s exchange some info, we are planning to do Central America & Caribbean next year. So if you come towards Asia we give you some tips too 😉
      Merry Xtmas!

  4. Natalie I love your blog!

    My boyfriend and I are traveling to Istanbul for the first time in October. It’s one of the places he’s always wanted to visit. I’m very excited to read through your other posts so we can plan our trip accordingly!

    • Thanks Veronica!! 🙂

      We are so happy to help you plan your trip! I´m sure you will love Istanbul, is such an incredible city!
      If you need any more info let me know!
      Wish you two a wonderful trip!


  5. What a wonderful post. I visited Istanbul before and after an Intrepid tour of Turkey and absolutely loved it. I wandered around on my own and fell in love with the city.

  6. I once visited Istanbul and one of my colleague advised me to try dondurma (Turkish ice cream). Its truly divine. I advise every traveler to try it. Its a unique delicacy. I enjoyed my trip a lot. Istanbul is a fascinating place to visit.

  7. Great list dear! Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us. Istanbul is one of most interesting, exotic, fantastic cities in the world. And don’t forget to add to that great Turkish food and the friendliest people.

  8. Hi Natalie. Just embarking on first trip there! Starting with a friend I’ve been corresponding with. I enjoyed your post zone thanks.


  9. Ola Natalie & Robson,

    I saw this post on Twitter this morning, and have really enjoyed reading it. I was in Istanbul almost 2 years ago now, but absolutely loved it. I found the melting pot of East meets West mesmerising. Having been to Tangiers when I was around 18 (more than a couple of years ago now LOL) I was a bit wary of how Istanbul would be, in terms of my feeling of personal safety, especially as an obviously foreign female. But I was pleasantly surprised.

    Istanbul is a place where amazing cultural experiences seem to lurk around the corner. 🙂

    Ate logo 🙂

    • Ola Jackie!!
      So happy that you enjoyed reading the post. We LOVE Istanbul, as you said, it’s a melting pot of culture and people. I’m so happy to hear that you had a good experience there, I try to tell people to leave the prejudice and the fear aside and travel to Turkey and let this beautiful country surprise them too!
      All the best, happy travels!



  10. Hi NAtalie!

    My husband and I will be in Istanbul for the 1st time for 4 nights and we want to check the historical sites of course and we are foodies too! We were thinking about staying near the galata tower, what do you think? Or do you think as the first time there the best bet would be sultanhamet?

  11. Namaste Natalie and Rob,
    Loved your piece of writing ♥
    Well ,me and my boyfriend are planning for a trip for our honeymoon ,and we have January or February, So is that a good time ?
    And I heard some recent terror attacks last year , is it safe to go this year?

    • Hi Alefiya!
      I’m glad you liked the post! 🙂
      January and February will be winter time, so be prepared with warm clothes. But it’s not so busy, so you get the chance to visit the attractions with a fewer people.
      About safety issues, it’s complicated to tell you if it will be safe or not. The whole Europe has been a mystery and you never know what might happen. But I try to leave my fear aside, I won’t stop traveling because of terrorism. I know this is a personal opinion, so you need to take the decision that best suits you. I hope nothing bad will happen as I’m planning to visit Istanbul again late this year.
      All the best,

  12. Hi Natalie,
    This post is really helpful. I have my trip planned for 8 days this month. Although you have covered most the places to visit. Can you please throw some light on which beaches & bars are a must go? Also which restaurants? Did you also visit to Cappadocia for the Hot Air Baloon ride?

  13. OMG Amazingly written post ….Planning January 2018
    going to note down of each and every detail you have written so so glad found your blog…
    keep it up …

  14. Hello Natalie Deduck!

    Thanks for all your articles and pictures. I will be relying on your advise to visit some of the places during our 3 night-3 days stay.

    I and my wife are visiting Istanbul in the 1st week of February, which is going to be winter and expect it to be very cold. We are on our way to India and are taking 3 days’ break in IST, though it’s not a tourist season. Most of your pictures seem to be in summer time and therefore any advise on winter travel will be highly appreciated!

    Good luck and keep up the good work!


    • Hello Mike,
      Hope you are fine.

      Visiting Istanbul in February has 2 main pros & cons.
      Pros: Less Tourists
      Cons: Cold
      Pack some warm clothes and enjoy the city! And drink more Çay to warm up!

  15. Hi Natalie,

    Me and my wife are visiting Istanbul in mid-May this year for our honeymoon for 3 nights & 3 days and from there we will catch the flight for Greece.
    We would like to stay at a hotel nearby Taksim Square.

    Would you like to recommend any places to visit and any other opinion for our short trip.


  16. Hi Natalia, I enjoyed reading ur post about Istanbul and I wish to come there during xmass period. Should I continue with the plans?

  17. I planning to go with my family, two doghter , so would you like to asessetment if is a good idea , I mean, my children have 10 and 7 years old. My wife and I thought in Istanbul long time ago. We wish to be there, but I don’t know if can be a good deal for children…

  18. Hello immediately it’s a wow essay but you have no write yo say that they think that Istanbul is an unfriendly city due to the religion over there which is Islam because Islam makes the place better because most historical places there are related to islam in a way or other and you must delete this part or change it respecting the Muslim people and thanks…
    L ??

  19. Hi Natalie and Robson,

    Im planning my first trip to Istanbul in September 2019. My question is 4 nights (5days) enough to see everything the city has to offer, how much time is needed to visit the Grand Bazaar and what is the weather really like in September? Thanks for a great article….greetings from South Africa

    • Hi Jaco,
      If you plan it well you can do a lot in 5 days. My advice is to choose a hotel close to the places you want to visit so you can save time between attractions and going back to the hotel. It’s hard to tell how much time you’re gonna spend in the Grand Bazaar, it all depends on you and if you manage to not get lost (we always got lost and ended up spending 2 or 3 hours there. lol)
      September is the start of the Autumn, the temperature will be between 16ºto 25ºC.
      Have an awesome trip!


  20. Hey loved your article so much. I wanted to ask if you think the temperatures will be bearable in June, or will it be too hot? Will it be possible to go on hikes and visit the ruins in such temperatures?

  21. Hi Natalie,
    Thanks for your article so helpfull
    I will travel to Istambul this June.
    Do you know about using Airbnb to get place to stay in Istambul, Is it OK?

  22. Hi, thank your for this! I am going this month to Istanbul with my husband. I am a Muslim, but never visited Turkey before.
    How much (approximately) money we need for food per day?
    Thanks in advance

  23. Thank you for the great tips I really enjoyed reading this article
    I’m planing a trip to turkey with my family soon and just by reading this it felt as if i actually was there. One more issue that yiou had not addressed is the internet connectivity. Am planning to place an order for the Pocket WiFi with rent n connect let me know of this is the right choice or if there are more options on this that are better.

  24. Hello Natalie

    Good day! Thanks for sharing the travel tips to Turkey which I find very helpful indeed. I am planning for 8-days vacation to Turkey & not sure if late July is a good time to visit Turkey. Appreciate your kind advise. Thanks in advance.

  25. Hi we are plannig a 7 days trip to Turkey in April. Will be going to Cappadocia for 2 nights and the rest in Istanbul. Can you please suggest if it’s worth to take a day trip flight from Istanbul to Ephesus or Pammukale or should we spend 5 days in Istanbul. Thanks

    • Hi,
      7 days to visit Cappadocia, Istanbul and another destination will be quite rushed.
      Is it possible to do a day trip to Ephesus or Pammukale? Yes, it is but bear in mind that it will be a long day.
      Have a look at these tour options:
      I’ve enjoyed Ephesus more than Pamukkale.

  26. I read the article as a resident of Istanbul. The text is generally nice ☺
    But I want to make a few additions.

    I think the most beautiful view of Istanbul is viewed from the Çamlıca hill. This hill is located in Üsküdar. and is the highest hill of Istanbul
    I highly recommend watching the scenery from here and having a picnic.

    Çamlıca hill also has the municipality’s open buffet and I recommend you to eat “kumpir” or simit with tea. For transportation, there is a bus from Üsküdard to 15c and Kadikoy to 14f.

    There are also 4 islands in Istanbul. You can go to these islands and watch the view of Istanbul.

  27. Iam planning to visit Istanbul by end of december with my family (2 adults & 2 kids) & i have more luggage around 6 begs as i have to stay only 4 nights in istanbul & after that i will
    for my home country.
    Which transport is best to reach hotel with this much luggage?
    Which hotels location is good for us to easy access for every things?
    For new year fire work which place is safe for family?

  28. Great Blog and very useful info. We are planning for a 7 nights trip in June and include Istanbul & Cappadocia ( to experience Hot Air Ballon :-). What are your recommendations.

  29. Thanks for all the information, loved reading this page. I am going to visit Istanbul this April and want to do a boat cruise on the Bosphorus, do you have any suggestion? i came accross one called Bosphorus Sunset Cruise on luxury yacht, looks more exclusive than others as shown here though it is more expensive than other cruises. do you think if i is worth paying extra for this cruise? Thanks..

  30. Hi Love and Road,
    Thank you for this beautiful article. As a family of 4 (2A and 2 kids) we want to stay in an area where there is people, movement and life at night (not necessarily night life!). Out of Sultanahmet, Beyoglu, and Taksim, which one is the best choice?
    (By the way, we visited Angkor Wat in Dec 2019 and your article was very very helpful.)

    • Hello Manish,
      We are big fans of Besikats, actually writing you from here 😉. It is a bit further from Taksim but it has a more local vibe and is very lively due to the universities in the area. It has great restaurants, bars and cafes.
      Also t’s well served of ferries linking to Uskudar, Kadikoy, Kabatas & Eminonu.
      Sultanahmet is a good option because you will be closer to main attractions like the Blue Mosque, Gran Baazar, etc… but as expected is more “touristy”.

      Keep an eye on our blog, we will update this article and publish new ones.

      Glad you enjoyed your trip to Angkor Wat!


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