World Kitchen Box by GlobeIn

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Remember that last week we posted our review about GlobeIn?  Now is your chance to win a World Kitchen Box from GlobeIn. GlobeIn is an online marketplace that  brings fair-trade, handcrafted goods from artisans around the world in a monthly box.

With the box comes the history of each product and its producer. So every month you can taste delicious goods, get handcrafted items and help local communities. We will give away a World Kitchen

Since we believe that you can taste the world without leaving your home, we will give away a World Kitchen Box,by GlobeIn that has:

 – Fez Mini Tagine by Le Souk Ceramique, Tunisia.

– Kitchen Towel by El Tun, Guatemala.

– Pure Ground Vanilla by LAFAZA, Madagascar.

– Coconut Sugar by Big Tree Farms, Indonesia.

– Inka Salt by Natierra, Peru.

– Coffee by Boca Java, Nicaragua.

– Palm Leaf Basket by Martina , Mexico.

This giveaway is available to readers worldwide.

Enter this giveaway by posting a comment in this post. Double your chances to win the giveaway by liking our Facebook page and GlobeIn page. For even more chances to win spread the word on Tweeter! Just a detail, the Facebook Likes and the Tweeter message should be done via the widget bellow:

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A BIG tks to everybody who took part and congrats to the winner: Adriana M. from Canada!!!

Stay tuned because on July we will have another giveaway!!!!


16 thoughts on “World Kitchen Box by GlobeIn”

    • I’m glad you liked Alyssa!!
      We got super excited with the idea too, such a lovely way to help and get “international” & delicious stuff delivery to your home!
      Good Luck!!

      Nat 😀

  1. In love with your idea not to mention your blog! Would love to travel the world with your gift box since from the listed countries I’ve been only to Indonesia so far :p. Hugs from Romania!

  2. What a fun giveaway. I’ve never heard of World Kitchen Box before but I love the idea, and the fact that everything is organic or fair trade is even better.


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