How to Rent a Motorbike in Bohol & Everywhere in The World

Motorbike means freedom! Easy, comfy and a cheap way to get around anywhere in the world. In Philippines couldn’t be different, we rented a motorbike in Bohol and had an amazing time!


To rent a motorbike in Bohol Island we followed a friend´s recommendation and went straight to Island Rentals. For sure it was the best choice, there we got more than a scooter, we received a lesson about safety. ( and made new friends)

First things first, to rent a motorbike you MUST have a drive license and some experience. Second is to pay attention to the conditions of the bike and all the safety features. If you never thought about this, here it goes a quick and useful guide on how to rent a motorbike in Bohol and everywhere in the world.

Safety Steps to Rent a Motorbike:

» Have a good look at the motorbike. If it has any damage or scratch show it to the owner and take a picture before you ride it.

» Check all the lights

» Check the tyres

» Check the breaks

» Check if the gas tank is opening and closing properly

» Choose a helmet that fits you comfortably. (No excuse to not wear a helmet, is the safety of your life that we are talking about)

» Check if the company has a phone number for help in case of emergency, breakdown or accident.

» Check if they have Insurance. ( and don’t forget your Travel Insurance !!!)

» Ask them to show you all the features and how to use the motorbike. (The brands are different and maybe you are not familiar with that specific model)

» Drive the motorbike on the street in front of the shop and just sign the deal after you feel secure.

Don´t forget to ask for directions and double-check where is the nearest gas station. After that you are ready to have fun and explore a new place.

PS: Big Thanks for Island Rentals and all the support they gave to us.  We give to our readers our sincere opinion despite from whom paid the bill.

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  1. Nice article. The company “Island Rentals” was my company before the old web designer hijacked the website from me. Its a shame because i worked so hard for 6 years to build up the comany then trusted the wrong person to take care of my website. lesson learned.


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