Up to 56% Discount on The Most Romantic Hotels in Paris: We Tested Nustay and Love It

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Learn how to find the most romantic hotels in Paris that won't cost you a fortune.

Paris is always a good idea, especially if you are planning a romantic getaway. But many couples change their travel plans because of the prices of hotels in Paris. However, the most romantic hotels in Paris don’t always need to be the most expensive ones. In fact, we just discovered that you can book a romantic hotel in Paris with 56% discount.  

During our 4 years of full time traveling, accommodation has been one of our biggest expenses. So when we got invited to test a booking platform that offers discounts on hotels, of course we said yes. Nustay is a members-only booking platform that claims to offer up to 72% discount on hotel rates and they have over 1.2 million hotels worldwide listed on their website.

We have been to Paris four times already and we are planning on visiting the city of lights this year again, but before booking our flights to Paris we started playing on Nustay’s website to see if we could find a good hotel deal. Paris is the ultimate romantic destination and I was expecting to find only a few hotel deals with a maximum of 3 or 5% discount. Well, it turned out I was wrong, so wrong that I decided to turn this website testing into a comprehensive guide to help you save on your next hotel booking in Paris.


So take a sit, bookmark this post and read it carefully. We’re gonna give you a list of romantic hotels in Paris with discounts that go up to 56% compared to the prices we found on the other booking platforms.


The most romantic hotels in Paris with up to 56% discount

The first thing we did was register to Nustay and filled out our profile [we’re gonna talk about setting up your Nustay profile later on]. Then we asked the platform to give us the best match for romantic hotels in Paris and we filtered the results by discount. That was the moment Nustay surprised me, a 56% discount on a romantic hotel in Paris was too good to be true!  

  • Hotel: Villa Beaumarchais

Villa Beaumarchais was a great find. This 4 star hotel is located in the super trendy Marais, a charming neighborhood packed with impressive architecture, local restaurants, culture and art. The hotel is a Parisiense Villa with a winter garden, traditional French décor and great reviews. Not to mention that Notre Dame Cathedral and Center Pompidou are less than 2 km away and the magnificent Louvre Museum is only 3 metro stations away from the hotel.

Now comes the best part of it, the price for booking Villa Beaumarchais Hotel on Nustay is 56% cheaper than the other booking platforms. Check this out:

  • 2 nights at Villa Beaumarchais – from March 2nd to 4th.
  • Standard Double room
  • Prices including taxes and fees
Nustay Price: € 300.00 – 56% Discount on Nustay

Up to 56% off on the most Romantic Hotels in Paris Villa Beaumarchais by Nustay

To check if this discount was real we searched for the same room, on the same dates on three other booking platforms: Booking.com, Hotels.com and Expedia. Surprisingly they all had the same more expensive room rate.

Booking.com Price: € 684.00

The most romantic Hotels in Paris by Booking are not the cheapest option.


Hotels.com Price: € 684.00

The top romantic Hotels in Paris on Hotels.com are also not the best option for budget travelers.


Expedia Price: € 684.00

Expedia website doesn't offer great discounts on top romantic Hotels in Paris, France.

Ok, Nustay beat the price of the three booking platforms, but I wasn’t convinced yet. So I decided to check the hotel website to compare the price of the direct booking versus Nustay, and again I found a price that was more than double.


Villa Beaumarchais website: € 684.00

Sometimes direct booking is not the best option to find great discounts on romantic hotels in Paris, France

I was sold! In less than an hour of searching, we found out that some of the most romantic hotels in Paris can be booked through deals that give you up to 56% discount. So we kept searching and found out other 4 amazing hotel deals in Paris to share with you. The price for them all are based on the same dates (2 nights – March 2nd to 4th ) in a standard double room, taxes included.

  • Regina Hotel:

A 5 star hotel located besides Louvre Museum with excellent reviews

Nustay Price: € 789.00

Discount: 42% compared to the market price, save € 594 when booking a two-night stay.

  • Napoleon Hotel:

A 5 star hotel located near the Arc de Triomphe with fabulous reviews

Nustay Price: € 385

Discount: 41% compared to the market price, save € 272 when booking a two-night stay.


  • Best Western Allegro Nation:

A 4 star hotel located a bit far from the city center with reviews considering it a good value for money.

Nustay Price: € 210

Discount: 40% compared to the market price, save € 146 when booking a two-night stay.


  • Hotel Plaza Athenee:

A 5 star hotel located in the heart of Paris, close to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Grand Palais, its reviews are superb.

Nustay Price: € 1,889

Discount: 40% compared to the market price, save € 1,286 when booking a two-night stay.

For more incredible discounts on Nustay – Register Here

You can find great hotel deals in Paris if you register to Nustay, the top romantic hotels in Paris with up to 50% discount.


How can you find the best hotels discounts on Nustay?

We proved that Nustay has the best deals for romantic hotels in Paris and just to make sure it really works, we also tested for other destinations like The Maldives and Amsterdam. Places that we are planning on visiting this year. But to get the best hotel deals at Nustay there are four important things you need to consider:

1st) You must sign up to Nustay

To have access to the hotel deals you need to be a member of the site and it is free, easy and fast to sign up. I signed up using my Facebook account and in seconds I was in. No need for a credit card number, address, blood type or any personal information.

Register here for the best hotel discounts on Nustay > 1.2 million hotels worldwide

2nd) You must fill out your profile

It took me 5 minutes to link all my social accounts, fill the profile out and get it set with my traveling preferences and taste. With an accurate profile Nustay can offer you tailor-made deals, so if you type in the search for romantic hotels in Paris they already know if you are more interested on good breakfast, a hotel with great amenities, good location or a pool, the results will be personalized. So after filling your profile out, the result of your search for the most romantic hotels in Paris with the best discounts might be different than mine.

How to fill your profile on Nustay to find the best hotel deals in Paris and worldwide.

3rd) You must wait for Nustay website to load before scrolling down to the hotel deals

Nustay combines information across the web and their database has over 1.2 million hotels, so it takes a couple of seconds to load all the deals. Wait, it’s worth it!


4th) You might need to check the hotel website for more information

Nustay has a huge database with hotels and prices, but it doesn’t have a great description of all the hotels and their rooms. While searching for the best deals on romantic hotels in Paris we needed to check the hotels’ websites to get all the information about the properties, but that’s also a good way of quickly comparing the rates.

Check out Nustay’s amazing discounts and get access to hotels deals worldwide 


So how does Nustay work?

By now you are probably curious about how Nustay manages to offer such great discounts. Well, I will try to explain it in a simple way:

  • Nustay is a Danish startup founded in 2015 by a small team. Most of its operations are based on big data rather than people, making their operational costs lower than the other booking websites.
  • All the magic happens based on the information you give to Nustay. If you fill your profile out completely they can offer you a custom hotel match with great discounts, so most of the searches will end up in a successful hotel booking.
  • If you book a hotel on Nustay with a good discount and you enjoy the stay, they believe you are more likely to recommend the website and hotel to your family and friends. Which means more business for the website and for the hoteliers. Less profit in one booking can lead to more bookings and customers.    
  • Nustay is a members-only booking platform and because of this, they can get better discounts for the hotels. The hotel discounts will be shown for a small group of people through a tailor-made match, it won’t be open to everyone on the internet.
  • Most of the hotels are luxury 5, 4 or 3 star properties, so they can work on the prices to offer great deals.


Final thoughts about Nustay booking website

We not only enjoyed the great discounts on top hotels in Paris, we also enjoyed the search itself. Nustay is a fantastic website and has a lot of potential, it still needs to get better on the loading speed and gathering more information about the properties. But it’s a time-saving booking tool as it offers hotel deals matching your style of traveling. This helps a lot when you are planning a trip to a new destination or a place like Paris that has an overwhelming amount of hotels.

We became a part of the #NustayExplorers and we’re gonna use the website to search for accommodation for all our future travels. Even a 5% discount is a money saving deal, especially in expensive destinations like The Maldives, London or Paris. Another positive aspect is that all the prices shown on Nustay include taxes and fees, so no surprises when paying your reservation.

Now it’s your time, sign up for Nustay and find romantic hotels in Paris that match your style and budget. Don’t forget to read our guide to romantic things to do in Paris and if you are a sports enthusiast like us, plan your romantic trip during the Paris Marathon and you will get to have twice as much fun.

Sign up to Nustay Personalised Deals in Paris and Around The World. 

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