Visiting the main attractions of Kobe, Japan

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Kobe is located in Osaka Bay, surrounded by a mesmerizing landscape of mountains. You will get a chance to try its signature style beef alongside pure sake. This port city is blooming with life. The metropolitan outlook and addictive vibrancy makes Kobe an attractive destination.

The best hotels in Kobe, like the Crown Plaza nearby the Shin-Kobe railway station will offer you a magnificent stay. Here are a few sites that should be on every traveler’s list when visiting Kobe, Japan.

Kobe’s Natural Attractions


Image via Flickr by JohnnyLCY

Mount Rokko is a 931-meter high mountain range that enjoys prestige for being the highest mountain in all of Kobe, Japan. The green trees on the mountain provide a serene view from far away. Trek the mountain or take a car ride to the top. Only there can you truly appreciate this natural wonder for its incredible beauty.

You can witness the sun setting as you plant yourself on top of Mount Rokko. Apart from the sublime view, you can also make yourself at home at other tourist attractions at Mount Rokko. The Music Box Museum, a beautiful Botanical Garden, the Rokko garden Terrace, the Observation Desk, and restaurant complexes are just a few of the options.

You can enjoy a pleasant visit at a hot spring town on the opposite side of Mount Rokko. This excursion is perfect for a weekend getaway with family and friends. There is some history lying in small wooden houses under the veil of branded stores and modern shops. The hot spring pops out from many places. This compact place can be visited and toured entirely on foot. To submerge in the cultural limelight and architectural beauty, do visit the shrines and temples that this town has in store for you.

Enjoy Kobe’s History and Culture

The Kobe Port Tower is a major attraction for first-time tourists and anyone who enjoys a great view. On top of this 100-meter tower, you would be able to get a grand view of the entire city. Being located near the harbor gives you an extraordinary advantage. It provides an overview of the city of Kobe. You can see the passing cars on the busy roads and the quiet parks near the streets. You will see a remarkable change in the inflow and the view depending on the time of day when you are visiting.

While you are there, you should observe some cultural aspects of Kobe. Established in 1982, Kobe City Museum has a collection of exhibitions that highlight the area’s heritage. It has two combined collections (The Municipal Archaeological Art Museum and Municipal Namban Art Museum), making it the ultimate stop for all historians and art lovers. It skillfully presents the diverse regions of Kobe in every era. With the changing of time and social influences, you can clearly see the evolution of Kobe culturally and historically. The museum also hosts special viewings of amazing collections of artwork.

Kobe offers activities all year round, and it’s always a good time to visit the city. Book your holiday now!

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