The best day trips from Prague for all travelers and budgets

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The Czech Republic is an incredible travel destination. Discover the country going on day trips from Prague.
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Prague is amazingly beautiful and everybody should visit it at least once in a lifetime. But a trip to the Czech Republic must go beyond its capital. Prague can be your first taste of the country’s culture, its stunning architecture, history and beer. After visiting the city you are ready to explore the rest of the country and the best way to start is by going on day trips from Prague.

We traveled to the Czech Republic three times and in most of the trips we used Prague as our starting or finishing point. Although the city is unique and beautiful there are other stunning places waiting to be discovered near Prague. So when planning your Czech itinerary leave some extra days for going on the best day trips from Prague. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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The good news is that the Czech Republic is a small country with a great train and bus system, making it super easy to visit the attractions near Prague. It’s good to remember that despite being a member of the European Union, the Czech Republic still uses its own currency [the Czech Koruna], so traveling around the country is more affordable than traveling to other European destinations. The top things to do in the Czech Republic outside of Prague include beer tasting, visiting castles, outdoor adventures, winter sports and much more. So follow our list of the best day trips from Prague and have fun!

We have listed 9 of the best day trips from Prague that suits any type of traveler, from luxury to adventure, romantic and beer lover.
Join us on the best day trips from Prague o/


Awesome day trips from Prague

If you want to explore the Czech Republic beyond Prague you better do it right. We listed for you all the top places to visit on one-day trips from Prague, some of them are very famous and packed with tourists, others not that much. You might find familiar names as Český Krumlov and Pilsen, but also some hidden gems like Olomouc and Liberec.


Prague to Český Krumlov day trip

The day trip from Prague to Český Krumlov is perfect for those who love charming towns and historical sites.
Don’t I kinda look like a movie star here?

This fairytale city is one of the most visited places near Prague and it’s easy to understand why: it’s a charming town that looks like a movie set. In the city you can visit a castle,  a tower with impressive views and a Baroque theater that was considered one of the oldest Baroque theaters in the world. It’s a lovely and romantic town and you can visit most of the attractions in one day. A day trip from Prague to Český Krumlov can be done by train, by bus or on a guided tour like this one, but before going there don’t forget to read our guide Best Things to do in Český Krumlov.

The best way to travel from Prague to Český Krumlov is by train or by bus.
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Prague to Český Krumlov on your own:

By train: take the train from Prague to Český Krumlov at 6 or 8 am as it takes 3 hours to arrive there. The 8 am train from Prague to Český Krumlov is a direct one, the other ones will stop at the České Budějovice station and from there you will get into another train to Český Krumlov.

The last train from Český Krumlov to Prague is at 7 pm with a connection in České Budějovice. This trip will take almost 3 and a half hours because of the waiting time in the České Budějovice station. Another option is to take the train from Český Krumlov at 5 pm, you still need to stop and change trains in České Budějovice but this trip will be 30 minutes faster. There is only one direct train from Český Krumlov to Prague and it is at 2 pm, but I believe that is too early to go back, half a day isn’t enough to visit the top attractions in Český Krumlov. You can book your train tickets from Prague to Český Krumlov here.

Are you planning to travel in Prague by bus or train?

Find all the routes, prices and book your tickets here on 12Go. 

By bus: the RegioJet Company offers buses from Prague to Český Krumlov hourly, starting at 6 am all the way to 9 pm. The return buses depart from 5 am to 8 pm and the trip takes about 3 hours.


Prague to Český Krumlov on a tour:

This tour (click here for the details) is about 10 hours long and offers great value for money. It includes hotel pick up/drop off, transportation in air-conditioned bus, guide, and lunch. 


Where to stay in Český Krumlov:

If you decide to stay longer book your room at Hotel Bellevue Český Krumlov or check other options here: Booking.comAgoda.


Prague to České Budějovice day trip

Beer lovers must go on a day trip from Prague to České Budějovice, the home town of the traditional Budweiser Budvar beer.
Guess who loooves beer!

If you love beer, this is a trip for you! České Budějovice got in our itinerary when we traveled from Prague to Český Krumlov, so instead of going on a one-day trip, we put the two cities together and did a 3-day trip from Prague. České Budějovice is the hometown of the traditional Budweiser Budvar, the original one which tastes better than the American version. Visiting the brewery was great fun, we learned about the history of the factory, the production process and tasted fresh beer straight from the barrel. In addition to the tour at the Budweiser Budvar, the main square of the old town is another good reason to visit České Budějovice on a day trip from Prague.  

The old town in České Budějovice is also a great attraction and many people would visit it on a day trip from Prague.
There’s something about České Budějovice…

Day trip tour from Prague to České Budějovice:

You can combine a visit to České Budějovice and Český Krumlov on this tour (click here for the details). It will be a busy and fun day!


Prague to České Budějovice on your own:

České Budějovice is one of the cities near Prague you should visit on your own as there is no need for a guided tour. From the train station you can get a tram or a bus to the Budweiser Budvar brewery and from there you can take a bus to the old town which can be explored on foot. At the end of the day, you can easily walk from the main square to the train station and go back to Prague.

By train: the trains departing at 7:31/ 8:01/ 9:01 and 10:01 am are the best options as the trips will take only 2 and a half hours. There are other trains going from Prague to České Budějovice but they can take up to 4 hours, so pay attention when buying your ticket. To go back to Prague take one of the direct trains at 5:01/ 05:58/ 6:01/ 7:01 or 8:01 pm. You can buy the train tickets from Prague to České Budějovice here.


Where to stay in České Budějovice:

Need a hotel in České Budějovice? Our pick was Residence U Černé věže, amazing apartments and a delicious breakfast. You can also check other options here: Booking.comAgoda.


Prague to Olomouc day trip

Olomouc is a bit far but you can add to your list of day trips from Prague, specially because Olomouc is stunning and worth a visit.
Olomouc is absolutely stunning.

Olomouc is a charming town located in Central Moravia and for me, it is the best-kept secret in the Czech Republic. The town has beautiful Baroque architecture, stunning churches, the Holy Trinity Column that is a Unesco Heritage site and even a communist astronomical clock. Be ready for an overdose of historical buildings, fountains and cheese, Olomouc’s specialty.

Olomouc is a great travel destination and I truly believe it deserves more than one day. We visited Olomouc last Spring and 3 days were enough to explore the city and the castles around it. But if you are short in time, go for a day trip, it’s worth it. To make the most of your day read our guide:

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If you decided to stay longer in Olomouc, you can visit the attractions and castles around the city.
The Holy Hill and the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary are beautiful attractions in Olomouc.

Prague to Olomouc by yourself:

A day trip from Prague to Olomouc is doable but it will be a busy day. Wake up early and be ready to explore Olomouc on foot.

By train: the trains from Prague to Olomouc start departing at 6 am. Be smart and take the fast trains at 06:24/ 06:58/ 07:10 or 07:24 am and the trip will take only 2 hours and 20 minutes. Keep an eye on the clock as the last train from Olomouc to Prague departures at 8 pm. You can buy the train tickets from Prague to Olomouc here.


Where to stay in Olomouc:

If your day trip becomes longer, the best place to stay in Olomouc is Miss Sophie’s Olomouc Hotel. We love it and highly recommend it!

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Day trip from Prague to Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Bohemian Switzerland National Park is a day trip from Prague every traveler should do, the park is stunning.
Such a powerful view.

Be prepared for impressive sandstone towers, canyons, rocks rising from the middle of the forest and also the largest natural stone bridge in Europe. Put your hiking boots on and have fun, this one-day trip from Prague offers a lot of adrenaline and breathtaking views. Already love the idea of traveling from Prague to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park? So read our guide:

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Prague to Bohemian Switzerland National Park on your own:

The park is huge, full of trails and most of the entrances are far from the towns or train stations. This is one of the day trips from Prague that we don’t recommend doing on your own. It’s an adventurous activity so it’s better to do it with a local guide that knows the site and the rules of the park.

The visit to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park is one of the day trips from Prague that we recommend doing with a guided tour.
Rocks, incredible rocks everywhere!

Prague to Bohemian Switzerland National Park on a tour:

We went on a two-day tour to Bohemian Switzerland National Park with Northern Hikes. They are passionate about their work and the guides are locals that know the history, the culture and the secrets of the park. The best part is that they can pick you up in Prague and take you back at the end of the day. There are different tours for everyone, families, groups, private tours, beginners… You chose!


Where to stay in Bohemian Switzerland National Park:

Do you want to sleep close to the park? My suggestion is to stay at Na Stodolci, a family-run pension with one of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic. You can also check other options here: Booking.comAgoda.


Prague to Liberec day trip

If you want to go on a ski day trip from Prague back your backs and head to Liberec.
Are you in for some adrenaline?

Liberec is another hidden gem in the Czech Republic, it’s the perfect destination for a skiing day trip from Prague as it has great slopes and cross-country skiing tracks. The city is also famous for the impressive Ještěd Tower, a sci-fi TV tower with a hotel and a restaurant on the top of the mountain [1,012 meters above sea level]. The Ještěd Tower is just next to the Ještěd Ski Slopes, so you can choose one of the 12 ski tracks to go down and enjoy the view. The beautiful town hall and the main square are also good reasons to visit Liberec.

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Before going on your trip read our guide to Liberec:

The best time to visit Liberec is now!

Apart from the winter sport, Liberec is a great place to visit on a day trip from Prague because of its architecture.
The city’s architecture got me impressed.

Prague to Liberec on your own:

If you are traveling from Prague to Liberec for skiing than I recommend you to go early in the morning, taking the first train would be the best. Liberec is not a big city and you can get around using the trams, but as you might need to rent ski clothes and equipment, you must add an extra time for that.

By train: there are trains departing from Prague to Liberec hourly, but some of them take longer than others and also have more connections. The best option is to catch the train at 05:07/ 07:25 or 09:25 am and you will be in Liberec in 2 and a half hours. From Liberec to Prague there are trains running until 8 pm, but after the 6:02 pm train, the trips become longer and with more connections. You can buy the train tickets from Prague to Liberec here. In Liberec, you can use public transportation to get around the city and even to go to the ski slopes.


Where to stay in Liberec:

The lovely Penzion U Muzea is our suggestion for a good place to stay in Liberec. For more hotels in Liberec check: Booking.comAgoda.


Although we have traveled to the Czech Republic three times we didn’t visit all the best places near Prague. So now I’m gonna share with you four other day trips from Prague that are worth going on and that are on our travel list for the next year.


Prague to Pilsen day trip

Home of the famous beer Pilsner Urquell, the city is on the list of places to visit outside Prague because of its brewing traditions and the St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. The tour to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery will take you through the production, their cellar, the museum and also the tasting area. But trust us, there are way more attractions in Pilsen than beer.


Day trip from Prague to Pilsen:

There are great day trips to Pilsen, click here for the best tours to Pilsen departing from Prague


Prague to Pilsen on your own:

The best option to travel from Prague to Pilsen is by train, there are several direct trains throughout the day and the trip takes about 1 and a half hours. The last train from Pilsen to Prague is at 9 pm, don’t miss it. You can buy the train tickets from Prague to Pilsen here.


Where to stay in Pilsen:

If you decide to stay longer search for the best hotels in Pilsen here: Booking.comAgoda.


Prague to Karlovy Vary day trip

Karlovy Vary became famous because of its 12 hot springs and it’s one of the top day trips from Prague, especially for spa lovers. You can spend the day relaxing in a pool or exploring the cute old town while drinking free spring water from one of the many fountains in the city. Another important attraction in Karlovy Vary is the International Film Festival that happens during the Summer.


Prague to Karlovy Vary on your own:

The best way to go from Prague to Karlovy Vary is by bus. The RegioJet Company has buses departing from Prague to Karlovy Vary hourly from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm. The return buses start departing hourly from 5 am to 8 pm and the trip takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Day tour from Prague to Karlovy Vary

In about 9.5 hours you can visit Karlovy Vary departing from Prague. It is a good option for a hassle-free trip, you can book this tour online.


Where to stay in Karlovy Vary:

If you decide to stay longer search for the best hotels in Karlovy Vary here: Booking.comAgoda.


Prague to Kutná Hora day trip

Kutná Hora is high on my list of day trips from Prague. The Sedlec Ossuary, a cemetery and chapel that houses over 40,000 bones from people who have mostly died from the Black Plague is the main attraction there. The chapel decorated with bones is not the site for the fainthearted ones though.  


Day tour from Prague to Kutná Hora:

The tour from Prague to Kutná Hora is a bestseller and often sold out. This guided tour will take you to the main sites including the famous Bone Chapel. Remember to book in advance.


Prague to Kutná Hora on your own:

The trains from Prague to Kutná Hora take almost one hour. You can do it on your own, the only tricky part is that you need to catch another local train when you arrive in the city. The next train will stop at Kutná Hora-Sedlec where you can visit the ossuary and the chapel. You can buy the train tickets from Prague to Kutná Hora here.


Where to stay in Kutná Hora:

If you decide to stay longer search for the best hotels in Kutná Hora here: Booking.comAgoda.


Prague to Karlstejn Castle day trip

The Karlstejn Castle is the second most visited castle in the Czech Republic and one of the easiest day trips from Prague, which means you should expect to find a lot of tourists there. The castle was built during the 14th century and it’s beautiful, another fairytale place in the country.


Tour from Prague to Karlstejn Castle:

This beautiful castle can be visited on a half-day tour departing from Prague.


Prague to Karlstejn Castle on your own:

The Karlstejn Castle is so close to Prague that you can visit it on a half-day trip. Trains from Prague to Karlstejn start departing at 5 am and leave every hour. The trip takes only 40 minutes and the last train returning to Prague departs at 11:41 pm. You can buy the train tickets from Prague to Karlstejn Castle here.


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