Day trips from Ostrava: castles, breweries and hats

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Wanderlust! Follow our travel tips to the best day trips from Ostrava in the Czech Republic.
Welcome to Ostrava, milord/milady!

When we traveled to Ostrava we didn’t know that this part of the Czech Republic would be so interesting and packed with attractions. The region around Ostrava surprised us and we ended up having 4 days of fun and writing two travel guides about it. The first one was all about things to do in Ostrava and this one is dedicated to the best day trips from Ostrava. Attractions and places to visit near Ostrava that will show you a beautiful and unique side of the Czech Republic.

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Be ready for mountains with a pagan God, castles, cats, beers and learning how to make your own hat. The list of interesting places to visit on day trips from Ostrava is big, but if you plan it well it’s possible to explore the city of Ostrava and the region around it in 4 or 5 days. Read this travel guide carefully, I bet some of the travel tips given here will not be found anywhere else.


Things to do near Ostrava

Our suggestions of things to do outside Ostrava is a mix of culture, picturesque towns, nature, a bit of adventure and of course good food and beer. The top places to visit near Ostrava can be organized in two one-day trips. If you wake up early I’m sure you can manage to do a lot and go back to Ostrava at the end of the day for a nice dinner. As we are nature lovers, of course our first suggestion for a day trip from Ostrava is visiting a beautiful mountain.


  • Meet the Radhošť God at Beskydy Mountains

Beskydy Mountains is the place to go near Ostrava for some outdoor adventure. The mountain range is only 40 minutes away from the city and it’s beautiful during both the Summer and Winter [they have great ski slopes for the Winter holidays]. We were there in September and the mountains were lush green with a chilly breeze and a foggy sunrise. Summer is the perfect time for hiking to the top of the mountains, but as we were short in time we took the cable car all the way to Pustevny Activity Center. The place is 1,018 meters above sea level so don’t forget to bring a jacket as the cable car ride has stunning views and freezing winds.

The Beskdi Mountains is a great place to add to your list of day trips from Ostrava. It's one fo the most scenic mountains in the Czech Republic.
Feels like sitting on a cloud.

At the top of Pustevny, there are picturesque timber houses built in a folk style that makes them look like candy or gingerbread houses. Follow the path to some amazing viewpoints and to the pagan God Radhošť, an angry face statue standing in the middle of the forest.

At the top of The Beskdi Mountains you can find cute folk houses, a great attraction to visit near Ostrava.
One of the cute folk houses at the top of the mountains.
Enjoy your day trip from Ostrava and meet the God Radhošť, a pagan God that lives on the top of the mountains.
Meet the God Radhošť.

If you want to have a full hiking experience go to Pustevny for a day, but if you only want to visit the attractions on the top of the mountain, half a day will be enough. My suggestion is to visit Pustevny early in the morning, so after walking around you can have lunch at the Koliba Valaška Restaurant located on the top of the mountain. The way down is the best part of the adventure! Rent a footbike, put your helmet on and get ready for some downhill fun. But be careful, that little thing goes very fast!!

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The views from the mountains are beautiful! And the way day on the footbikes is great fun, a bit of adventure on your day trip from Ostrava.
Footbikes pals.
Be careful and enjoy the ride. Have fun around Ostrava, Czech Republic.
The feeling after going downhill on a footbike.


  • Visit Nový Jičín, the town of hats

Nový Jičín is a tiny town with a gorgeous Baroque and Renaissance architecture. While most people travel there to visit the historical buildings, we drove all the way from Ostrava to Nový Jičín just for their hats.

In the main square you will find the Tourist Information Center and the Hat Exposition that tells the story of Tonak Company, a hat factory that produces hats and headpieces in Nový Jičín since 1799. But the best part is yet to come, after learning the craft you get to make your own little hat, chose the color, the details and you can even add feathers to it. Plus, you can try on all those amazing hats from the exposition, a dream come true for any woman.

The city os hats is a place you must visit on a day trip from Ostrava. It's a super cute town with an amazing exposition about hats!
Crazy hat lady ?

The history of making hats and the cute exposition are the reasons why Nový Jičín is one of the places near Ostrava that you must visit. Women will love it, fashionistas will be in paradise and husbands will need an extra dose of patience to take hundreds of photos.

The hiking in Beskydy Mountains and the visit to Nový Jičín town can be organized in a one-day trip from Ostrava. So have breakfast and head to the mountains early in the morning, after lunch you can have some fun time visiting the cute town and trying on some hats.


  • Castle, good food and cats

Your second day trip from Ostrava must be dedicated to two important attractions: Hradec nad Moravici Chateau and Opava town.

The Hradec nad Moravici Chateau is beautiful and one of the places you must visit in Ostrava region.
You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella…

Visiting the Hradec nad Moravici Chateau is like traveling to the past. The construction of the castle dates back to the 13th century and even after modifications and restorations the visitors can see some of the original furniture, books and decoration. At the chateau you can even visit the room where Beethoven played, how amazing is that?!

At the Hradec nad Moravici Chateau you can visit the rooms to see the original furniture and decoration.

The Hradec nad Moravici Chateau is a huge complex and it’s definitely a place you must visit near Ostrava. The tour inside the chateau is only in Czech but they do provide a booklet with all the information in English, making it pretty easy to follow.

After the castle it’s time to visit Opava, the historical capital of Silesia region. It’s a charming town with Neo-Renaissance buildings, a beautiful Gothic church and the oldest museum in the Czech Republic. The old architecture hides a modern and unique installation, near the Gothic church you will find the Sun, or better saying a copy of it, this is the start of the Planet Trail, walk around town and you will find the 9 planets of the Solar System. Opava has also a cute park and beautiful buildings, a great place to spend a few hours walking around and watching life goes by.

Opava is a cute town near to Ostrava, a day trip there is super easy and a must.
Opava is quite gracious.

While exploring Opava on foot, take time to enjoy a cup of coffee at the 9 životů cat cafe. They have gorgeous cats and delicious coffee but don’t annoy the cats too much, some of them are quite grumpy. For lunch head to Stredoveke Pivni Sklepy restaurant in a medieval beer cellar. The name is hard to pronounce but the food was delicious and don’t forget to order some dessert, it’s definitely worth it.

We are crazy about cats, so of course ou list of day trips from Ostrava would have a stop at a cat cafe.
Who do you think is enjoying this more?


  • Drink healthy beer in Štramberk town

Our list of unique things to do around Ostrava wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Štramberk. This little town has stopped in time and you can try some beer that is meant to be good for your health there. You can visit Štramberk after Opava and Hradec nad Moravici Chateau, they are close to each other so you can visit them all on a one-day trip from Ostrava.

Štramberk is a one of the great day trips from Ostrava, the town is charming, with a impressive tower and great beer.
Make sure to include Štramberk in your day trip.

The town is a maze of alleys, passages and stairs. At the old square you will find picturesque buildings surrounded by wooden houses built in folk style. Before arriving there you will spot the impressive Trúba tower, we recommend you to go up the tower for a bird’s eye view of the town. The town is super cute but the tower and the picturesque architecture weren’t the only reasons that took us there, Štramberk got in our Ostrava itinerary because of its beers and ears.

The beer was first brewed in Štramberk in 1359. Nowadays you can visit the Town Brewery and taste its beer that is only produced and sold there. Why is it so special and healthy? Well, I didn’t find any scientific study about it but the guide from the brewery was passionately saying that the spring water from underneath the brewery has special minerals that are good for your health. It’s so true that the brewery has also a spa. How cool is that? You can relax, look after your health and drink beer at the same time! We didn’t go to the spa but the tour and the beer tasting were awesome. Thumbs up for our guide, he definitely knows one or two things about good beers. Having dinner at the brewery is highly recommended and taking a nap on the way back to Ostrava is a must.

Don’t leave the town without eating the Štramberk ear, it sounds weird but it is only gingerbread shaped like an ear. Of course, there is a story behind it and it’s about flights, conquers and ears but don’t think about it, just eat it, it’s delicious.

On a day trip from Ostrava you can taste craft beer that are meant to be good for your health. Things that you can only find in the Czech Republic.
A glass a day keeps the doctor away…


How to organize your day trips from Ostrava

Traveling in Ostrava is pretty easy, you can find all the information about how to get to Ostrava and where to stay in our super guide > Top things to do, see and eat in Ostrava. The day trips from Ostrava need more planning but nothing major.

There are daily trains connecting Ostrava and Opava, but not to the other places we recommended. My suggestion is to rent a car in Ostrava and drive around the region, this is the best way to go from Ostrava to the Beskydy Mountains, visit the Hradec nad Moravici Chateau and the Štramberk town. Check the price to rent a car in Ostrava here and book it in advance. The roads in the Czech Republic are good and it’s easy to navigate with a GPS. All the attractions are near Ostrava, so you won’t need to drive too far.

Another option is to visit the Tourist Information Center in Ostrava and ask them to help you hire a guide and a driver. This might be a bit more expensive than renting a car in Ostrava, but you will have a local person with you during the whole trip, which helps a lot. Despite the fact they are amazing places to visit, Ostrava and the attractions around it are still hidden from the mass tourism and English is not widely spoken there. We had a guide with us all the time which helped us understand the history and the local culture.  


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The region around Ostrava has many attractions and things to do. Follow our tips and go on amazing day trips from Ostrava and discover little towns, castles, mountains and good beer. This beautiful part of the Czech Republic is stunning, untouched and there are almost no tourists there. All the info to plan your trip to the Czech Republic and near Ostrava you find here. #VisitCZ #CzechRepublic #Ostrava #daytrip #Europe #Eurotrip #traveltips #OstravaItinerary #TravelInspiration

PS: our trip in the Czech Republic was organized in partnership with the Czech Tourism Board. But as usual, you always get our honest opinion and travel tips. 

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  1. Traveling with public transport in czech republic is really easy! There’s an app called IDOS, And it’s official app by public transport company. You just find where you want to go on the map, select the train, bus or tram stop and it will show you bunch of opinions ? also, it’s really nice to go hiking on the highest hill in Czech beskydy, Lysá Hora ( bald mountain) . The easiest one is from Malenovice. Also, close to Lysá hora is Šance, water dam, that collects water for nearly all of Ostrava


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