Moroccan Desert – Lifetime Experience

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Moroccan Desert 1

It’s time to wear your turban, jump over the camel and go for a ride at the Moroccan Desert. Are you prepared for this expedition??

The second day of our Moroccan Tour. We woke up early, had breakfast and hit the road again. Our final destination was the Moroccan Desert, but to arrive there we had to drive almost 300 km and pass by amazing countryside.

Once more we were on the dry road. As a mirage, we spotted some green gardens and food plantations. One more oasis, like the ones we see in the movies shot around Moroccan desert. We stopped to visit the community, to see the old town and learn about the Moroccan carpets.

I thought to myself “this is going to be one more tourist trap. But ok, let´s go!”.

Actually it was a genuine village with women working on the fields and kids running around us trying to earn some bucks.

Moroccan Desert 2

Moroccan Desert 3

Maybe you don’t know yet, but I am really good at hand jobs (no jokes please!!). I know how to sew, to embroider and now I learnt how to comb wool. A quick lesson at the Carpet Cooperative, very impressive. 🙂

Moroccan Desert 4

Now that I already show off my skills, let’s talk about more beautiful and interesting things: The Gorge du Todra. Another famous and stunning canyon on our way to the Moroccan Desert. No words to describe it, only pictures!

Moroccan Desert 5

Moroccan Desert 6

Lunch time at the official and expensive restaurant. We looked the menu, turned around and went to a cheaper place. Apart from the fact that one of the Belgians girls found an insect inside her omelet, everything was fine.

No picture of this moment, I was almost puking! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Three more hours inside the van. The road, us and nothing else. Not a house or an animal on the way, just wind and sand. Finally we arrived in Merzouga, the last city at the Moroccan Desert!

Now the moment that everybody was waiting for!

Put your turbans on, choose a camel and let’s explore the Sahara Desert. Merzouga region is known for the biggest dunes. An amazing landscape! So beautiful, so dry, so isolated… Even with a horrible pain on my butt (riding camels is not comfy), I can say it was an unforgettable experience.

Moroccan Desert 7

Moroccan Desert 8

Moroccan Desert 9

Two hours riding and we reach our dream destination: a camping site in the middle of the Moroccan Desert. No electricity, no water, no bathrooms, no shower… Just tends, carpets, candles and a bunch of tired travellers and Berber Guides. 🙂

The sun was getting down, we rolled up our trousers and challenged the giant dune. We needed to watch the sunset from the highest point, and we did. Breathless, exhausted and extraordinarily happy!

Moroccan Desert 10

Moroccan Desert 11

Moroccan Desert 12

It was a powerful feeling, the silence, the sky, the sun touching the endless sand. Everybody stopped talking and seated to contemplate the nature.

After the sunset no more pictures, no more lights, just the stars, the moon, the sound of the wind and our laughs. Dinner around candles with shared dishes, on the menu the traditional Moroccan Food: Chicken Tagine. Such a lifetime experience.

Bérber Music, dances, more laughs. It´s was so cold, so dark and I was itching again. I got inside the tent to check my legs and they were covered with bites.Damn! I’m screwed again!!!

The tiredness arrived but we couldn’t sleep the whole night. I´m not an adventure girls, so I was scared about the insects and snakes. There are snakes on the desert and we saw snake trails pretty close to the camping site. 😮

At 4am the guides woke us up! Time to ride camels (be bitten by fleas again) and go to Merzouga city. Our desert camping tour was finishing, but before we hit the road for one more adventure in Morocco countryside, the Sun rose and gave us one more spectacle.

Moroccan Desert 13

Moroccan Desert 14

Moroccan Desert 15

Moroccan Desert 16



16 thoughts on “Moroccan Desert – Lifetime Experience”

  1. Robson and Natali,
    Very beautiful your pictures…
    The nature is magnific….
    I am looking Your pictures and i imagining seems as real time….the sunset…the desert Marroco…
    In this moment i would like stay with you in Marroco desert feel this emotion by some minutes….


  2. Nice pics and stories! We’ll spend new years eve on the desert and have found loads of good information on your website! Keep on the good track!!

  3. Hey Murilo!!

    New Years eve on the Desert???

    Woww that’s sounds amazing! Choose a nice company to organize your tour and I´m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot! That´s a really unusual experience. After the trip send us an email telling how it was!

    All the best!


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