We arrived in Fes, Morocco!

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The journey wasn’t easy but finally, we arrived in our last destination: Fes, Morocco. Unbelievably, our  Moroccan trip was almost in the end, we just had three more days to enjoy.

So far we have been in Marrakech, Essaouira, around the Moroccan countryside, the Sahara Desert, Azrou and now Fes. Morocco was our home for 20 amazing days. Much more than we expect, an intense experience and unforgettable memories.

During all this journey Fes definitely wasn’t a highlight. I know, I know, most of the people fall in love with Fes, but it didn’t shake my boat. The Moroccan desert and Marrakech were so extraordinary that Fes just looks like a beautiful town to me.

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I also believe that we were already tired and missing our non-muslim culture. I won’t lie, 20 days with crappy internet, without parties, without drinks and were too much for us. I loved the time we had in Morocco, but I was truly missing a good electronic music club, some cocktails and a short skirt. 🙂

Another positive/negative thing was our Riad. The room was so comfortable, so beautiful with traditional Moroccan decoration, that I didn’t want to leave the place. And from the terrace, we had a great view of Fes, Morocco`s mountains and ancient Medina.

Fes,Morocco 3

The Medina is the heart of the city, the architecture is stunning. Visit all the big doors, but give extra attention to the Bab Boujloud gate. Also, the Medersas (Islamic schools) are worthy to visit: Al Attarine Madrasa – the biggest one, and Medersa Bou Inania. We visited both.

Coloured tiles, Arabic inscriptions, wood-carved ceiling and doors are masterpieces of Moroccan design.

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Another must see place is the Mosquee et Universite Karaouiyne. You can’t get inside, but from the two doors is possible to appreciate the place. With more than 1200 years of history, this building is known for being one of the biggest mosques in Africa and one of the oldest universities.

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It´s not easy to take a picture from there. Prepare your camera, go shoulder to shoulder with other tourists, and as soon as someone turn around to leave the door you press the button. That´s the opportunity to take a shot without a stranger on it! 😉

Fes,Morocco 7

For sure we walked up and down on the Souks for several times. Amazing handcrafts stuff, clothes and Moroccan souvenir. Those tiny streets are always packed, and during the morning when the goods are delivered, horses and donkeys share the alleys with tourists and locals. The scenery is like a picture from the past.

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The tanneries are a big thing in Fes and in Moroccan culture. Everybody who visit the city wants to see how they clean, dye and prepare the leather. All the process is made by hand and sometimes not in a good work condition.

We decided to not visit the Fes´ tanneries. So sorry we don’t have pictures. As I already told, we were tired and our tannery experience in Marrakech wasn’t that good. So instead of going to the smelly tannery, we bought a Moroccan leather souvenir: a cute wallet.

But now I do regret our decision. 🙁

Fes,Morocco 9

A trip to Fes, Morocco, can not end without a stroll outside the Medina. On the top of a hill is located the Tombe dei Merenidi, beautiful ruins and an incredible view. From there you can see all the walled city.

It didn´t seem to be a dangerous place, although we were hit by some stones. Hidden people threw them. We couldn’t see where it came from, so we took our pics and run away from there 🙁 . This was the only incident that happened with us during the 20 days Moroccan tour.

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Fes was our last opportunity to taste the delicious Moroccan Food. Of course our last dinner was a traditional Tagine. A bit different from the ones we tried in Marrakech and on the desert, but delicious anyway.

Fes,Morocco 11

Our Moroccan Expedition came to an end!

From a dream trip we passed through a cultural shock, awesome places and amazing people. Now we have incredible memories.

 Have already been in Morocco? How was it? Leave here your thoughts!

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8 thoughts on “We arrived in Fes, Morocco!”

  1. Loved reading about your Moroccan adventure. Great pics as always, guys. Awesome that you made it to the desert. My husband got very sick in Fes (something he ate), so aside from Rabat & Casablanca – we had to cut our trip short. We’ll go back one day… Maybe. At least to spend the night in the desert 😉

    Amazing pics. I’m curious… Did one of you stay behind the pack to take the photos of the trailing camels?


    • Hey G.
      So happy that you enjoyed reading our stories!

      Thank God none of us got sick during the 20 days we visit Morocco. Was an amazing experience. I´m sad you two didn’t had the opportunity to enjoy more, you definitely should go back, the night in Sahara Desert is amazing!

      About the pics: We were in the middle of the group. Rob was seated on the camel behind me, both of us with the cameras on hands. Some pictures
      weren’t good but other were stunning. It´s a good way to train your off road photographer skills. 😀

  2. We just finished up a 20 trip in Morocco as well. I will say I was well done with tajine for meals after day 3…. Fez was good for us, we loved the night spent in the Sahara desert but Essauoria was our favorite!

    • Hey Hannah!!

      Moroccan Cuisine can be delicious, but after a while we start missing some burger and pizza too 😀
      Essaouira was one our favorite places too, such an good vibe and calm city!

      Happy Travels

  3. What a wonderful post! All my memories come back again and glad you did go to the desert to – my TOP thing to do in Morocco. Nothing can beat waking up in the morning, climb a sand dune and see the sun rise – magical! Unfortunately I was there only for 12 day and sure hoping to go back again soon – especially after reading your post! Morocco is really amazing! Safe travels!

    • Hi Nina!!

      You are so right: visit the Desert is a TOP thing do do in Morocco!! An unforgettable memory! 😉

      If you travel again to Morocco make sure you visit the mountains around Azrou city, it’s not so touristy and it´s a beautiful place. A taste of real Morocco!

      All the best, happy travels.


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