3 Tips For Learning German For Your Next trip

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Do you love to travel? And you always wanted to learn German for your travels? Learning a new language can be fun and easy, especially if it’s for traveling. So here are 3 tips for learning German easily that you can put into practice right now!

German town with typical architecture and a square filled with flowers.
Germany’s small towns are the best place to put your language skills into practice.

We are not here to teach you German but to share a few learning German tips that you can add to your routine before, during, and after the trip. Ideas on how to combine planning your trip with learning new language skills and how to enjoy the process. 

Learning by yourself is an excellent way to discover if you like the language and then invest in a proper German course online or even attend German language classes in another country.

Learning German tips that will get you started

German is spoken in more countries than you might think and is the official language of six, including Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and of course, Germany. It means you can chat with locals in more places than you may have thought.

Let’s start with our tips on how to learn German fast. They will definitely help you in the process of studying by yourself and also if you are attending German lessons.

1st Tip – Start learning German in a simple way

Different languages have varying degrees of difficulty. For example, for an English speaker learning a language with very little in common with your native language, like Japanese, maybe more challenging and take a bit longer than other languages.

It’s better to start with a language that shares similarities with your own, like structure and grammatical rules. It will be a smooth process for English speakers who want to learn German as both are Germanic languages and share a lot in common. 

Woman walking to Berlin's Airport entrance. She followed our tips for learning German for travel.
Learning German before traveling will help you to get around easily.

As the languages have some similarities, picking up the basics along with sentence structure may be easier to grasp. Plus, learning German becomes a fun task when you plan a holiday and search for places to visit, hotels, and activities in German. Maybe you are a sports enthusiast and decided to race the Ironman Hamburg or the Ironman Frankfurt, and a little German would help you a lot on race day.

Start simple, with a clear goal, but don’t try to learn all at once. Start learning German from English, and when you feel more confident, you can begin studying the German language in German. 

Once you start understanding a bit more, focus on your German reading practice. Reading guides or blog posts about the places you want to visit it’s an exciting way to learn and plan your holiday. Read the articles in German and translate the words and sentences you can’t understand.

2nd Tip – Learn German basics first

Why not start learning German greetings first?

Choose a few easy phrases that you can practice using in casual situations, such as Guten Morgen (good morning), danke sehr (thank you very much), and freut mich (nice to meet you). This will help you build your confidence as you gain more experience and be ready to practice them in real-life conversation, which is a significant part of learning a language.

The beauty of learning a language as part of your travel experience is that there is no need to understand everything. Start with the essential phrases you will need to get around. 

Two photos, one showing a plate of currywurst served in Berlin. Another shows a woman eating the currywurst.
Currywurst is a must when Germany.

Learning to order food in German is also a good idea so that you can order a delicious currywurst, Berlin’s famous dish.

However, the most important tip for learning German for traveling is to have fun in the process. Don’t get stressed out, but try to push yourself enough to learn something new daily.

3rd Tip – Immerse yourself in German culture

Immersive language learning has been proven to be the most successful way to learn a language quickly and become fluent. You can start before traveling to Germany or any other German-speaking country.

Start with something you enjoy, whether it is watching TV or Netflix series or listening to German music. Once you have your emotions involved, your motivation to study German will be much stronger. Choose a TV show or movie you are already familiar with, as you will already understand the context and general storyline.

Another option is to watch something simple like a German kids’ TV show. Use subtitles in your own language to begin with, so you can learn new vocabulary and pay close attention to pronunciation. Then choose movies for learning German. Local productions will help you with your listening and pronunciation and teach you about the country’s culture and lifestyle.

Photo of a square in Frankfurt. A typical tourist spot to visit in Germany.
Learning German to travel will give you a different perspective of the country.

You could also listen to podcasts for learning German. It can be any podcast or one focused on understanding the language. Watching Youtube videos is also helpful. You can watch any video in German or follow a learning German Youtube channel. And don’t forget to listen to German songs, they will help you to get your ears used to the language. 

Reading German articles or books can help you with new vocabulary. And look out for opportunities to speak with German speakers online or in person for everyday conversations. Search for a German-speaking group in your city or online and join the chats. 

Once you start traveling, give yourself every opportunity to practice as much as possible. Often, if someone picks up that you are a native English speaker, they will try to speak with you in your language, especially in hotels and restaurants in more touristy areas, but persevere, and don’t give up easily. It’s during your trip that you have the best chances to learn slang expressions and correct pronunciation mistakes.

An excellent opportunity to learn about a new language is through its rich culture and cuisine. A German food and beer tour will allow you to practice your German skills, learn more, and eat delicious food. In advance, anticipate what vocabulary you will need to use, and prepare some phrases that will be useful. Get your homework done so you can make the most of the experience.

Avoid big group tours as your chances to interact with a native speaker will be limited. Whatever your passion or activity of choice is, choose a smaller group or one-on-one experience and throw yourself into immersive language learning.

Here are a few ideas for private tours in Berlin that are fun. And you probably will find similar experiences in other German destinations.

When you are back home, make sure to keep in contact with your new German-speaking friends so that you can follow consistent practice after the trip.

Now that you know our tips for learning German go ahead and start studying. Learning and speaking a new language can take a bit of time, so you better start as soon as possible. If you need extra motivation, book a trip to a German-speaking country, start a countdown, and learn a new word or expression every day.

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Learning German can be intimidating at the first moment. But if you can add to your routine activities where the German language is present, the learning process will be easier and quicker. So here are our 3 tips for learning German for travel. These German learning tips are perfect for those planning a holiday in a German-speaking country, so you can start studying German from the planning until the end of the trip.

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